For Miss Huge: help Mr Mosquito and learn about size

17 April — Teach young children the concept of size in a fun and playful way. By simply tapping the screen your child helps Mister Mosquito and his friends to bring a gigantic ‘something’ to the mysterious Miss Huge. The intuitive navigation and clever storyline make this app perfect for children aged one to four. ‘For Miss Huge’ is created by Swiss illustrator Uwe Stettler and is spoken and written in 14 different languages, including Arabic, Dutch, English and German.

September 2013

  1. Sep 08

    Fresh - play with your fruit and veggies

    What you don’t know, you won’t eat. Fresh, a new quiz app, teaches kids all about fruit and veggies - while playing. The colorful illustrations teach children what their food looks like before it’s chopped, sliced and diced. It shows them a table full of veggies, then asks which one is the spinach. It dares them to race each other picking red fruits that grow on trees. “It’s a wonderful way to discover Brussels sprouts - and maybe even try them at dinner!" says dad and designer Xander Wiersma.

October 2012

  1. Oct 30

    Just Colors - go on a color hunt & create your own color guide

    From a yellow bus to that cute chocolate brown kitten - by snapping pictures of colored objects, kids create their own customized color guide and develop their understanding of color. Start with basic colors like red, yellow and blue, or discover subtler hues like violet and turquoise. Run around the house and photograph your fire truck for ‘red’, then go outside and snap a picture of the sky for ‘blue’. Or take the hunting game a bit further: who finds a carmine car first?

July 2012

  1. Jul 12

    Le compte à rebours de la rentrée des classes - First Day of School Countdown - Cochez les jours en vous amusant

    « Combien de jours avant de retourner à l’école ? » – avec l’appli First Day of School Countdown développée par Appracadabra vous aiderez les enfants à surveiller le temps restant avant ce grand jour et à s’y préparer. Le compte à rebours qui débute sept jours avant permet de passer les jours restants en s’amusant. Observez un petit oiseau qui se prépare pour sa rentrée des classes avec l’aide d’un mignon petit singe. Prenez un peu de temps chaque jour pour parler de l’école.

June 2012

  1. Jun 06

    Haagse uitgeverij wint Britse award met kinder-app Tel de Dieren!

    Kinder-appuitgeverij Appracadabra is onderscheiden met de Junior Design Award voor Beste Educatieve App van 2012 voor haar kinder-app Tel de Dieren! “It’s the playful illustrations and animation that make it truly memorable", aldus het jury rapport. De Junior Design Awards zijn in het leven geroepen door het Britse Junior Magazine om uitmuntende ontwerpen op het gebied van kindermode, lifestyle & interieur, reizen, eten, speelgoed en boeken te onderscheiden.

May 2012

  1. May 23

    First Day of School Countdown - mark off the days in a funloving way

    ‘How many days until I have to go to school?’ - with the First Day of School Countdown app by Appracadabra you’ll help kids keep track of time and prepare for this big event. Count down from day seven by marking off the days in a fun loving way. Watch a little bird getting ready for her first day, assisted by a cute monkey and a helpful giraffe. Take a moment each day to talk about going to school - and enjoy a little surprise on the big day itself.
  2. May 15

    Theater for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

    Stage your own magical play and be the star actor! Take your pick from a cast of rag doll actors, lots of props and different sceneries. Don’t forget to put your own face on the rag dolls! Make up the story as you go, inspired by absurd things around you. Build a magical forest, with strange deer, knights in shining armor and you as Little Red Riding Hood. Or transform into a strongman at sea & watch fish jumping while splashing around with the Big Bad Wolf - the possibilities are endless!

December 2011

  1. Dec 07

    Kind Kids App Rules

    With over 30,000 titles the market for children's apps is crowded. Most of these apps are visually uninspiring or ethically wrong, persuading young children to buy via in app purchase. We are spearheading a group of kid's app developers who believe a kid's app should be beautiful, usable and honest. Therefore we initiated the Kind Kids App Rules: 10 practical rules on how to create a high quality kid's app.

September 2011

  1. Sep 13

    One, dwa, treís: learn to count from one to 20 in 16 different languages

    Appracadabra teaches kids and their parents how to count from one to 20 - in 16 different languages. With 'Count the Animals!' young children learn how to count in their own language, and older kids how to count in Arabic, German or Polish. ‘Count the Animals!’ is illustrated by renowned Dutch illustrator Caroline Ellerbeck, who also published two Little Golden Books. This children’s app is available for iPhone and iPad, on the App Store, starting September 2011 for USD 3.99 / € 2,99.