The Hague, The Netherlands | Published on: October 30, 2012
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Go on a color hunt & create your own personal color guide. Learn & explore together with #kidsapp Just Colors!
From a yellow bus to that cute chocolate brown kitten - by snapping pictures of colored objects, kids create their own customized color guide and develop their understanding of color.

Start with basic colors like red, yellow and blue, or discover subtler hues like violet and turquoise.
Run around the house and photograph your fire truck for ‘red’, then go outside and snap a picture of the sky for ‘blue’. Or take the hunting game a bit further: who finds a carmine car first?
Just Colors is great for kids aged two and up. The app consists of 23 color flash cards, plus a camera option to create your own custom cards.
Parents can adjust the app to their child’s age by picking basic colors to play with - or more subtle ones.
The intuitive gameplay empowers kids to document their world - and parents to review and talk about their color choices. Just Colors is a great app for learning together.

Just Colors is available in 21 languages, including Dutch, French, Swedish, Chinese and English. This children’s app is designed especially for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and is available on the AppStore.

Special Introductory Price: $ 0.99 instead of $ 1.99
Offer ends November 30, 2012, price after offer is $ 1.99

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