Kind Kids App Rules

10 rules on how to create a high quality kids app

With over 30,000 titles the market for children's apps is crowded. Most of these apps are visually uninspiring or ethically wrong, persuading young children to buy via in app purchase. We are spearheading a group of kid's app developers who believe a kid's app should be beautiful, usable and honest. Therefore we initiated the Kind Kids App Rules: 10 practical rules on how to create a high quality kid's app.

Kind Kids App Rules
10 rules on how to create a high quality kids app

We believe apps are an amazing new medium. 
A new medium that will not replace books, nor television, nor the internet. 
A new medium that is easily accessible to and used by very young kids. 
A new medium that will create experiences for kids that remain with them as they grow.
A new medium needs new rules. Rules on how to create an app that is kind for kids. 
Here are our rules. We are developers who pledge to play by these rules. 
Let’s play together and create kind kids apps!

1. Don’t be ugly
Use authentic artwork. Please don’t use computer generated images by default.
Add beauty, heart and soul to the world of kids.

2. Find new ways
What’s tested, tried and proven in old media does not necessarily work in new media.
Design your app from scratch.

3. Don’t be easy peasy
Kids learn through play. Challenge them to go further.

4. Make sense 
Enable intuitive play. A kids app must be ‘readable’ by those that can’t read yet, too.

5. Don’t be boring
Build an app that’s interesting on more than one level. Spark your imagination - and theirs.

6. Think out of the box
Use the analogue, technical and social possibilities of the platform. 

7. Don’t be sneaky
Kids can not distinguish advertising from play. Be honest.

8. Speak their language
Only a small percentage of the kids in the world understand English. 
Be as multilingual as you possibly can.

9. Don’t be a tattletale
Spying on kids is not okay. Don’t put hidden tracking software in your app.
Kids play carefree. Enable parents to let them.

10. Take kids seriously
Address kids in your own words and images, on their own level.

On the search for quality apps

The quality and safety of children’s apps is much discussed at the moment. Just recently Andy Russell and Daniel Donahoo launched The Children's App Manifesto, a document for everyone in the educational app market to unite. This great iniative is spurring the discussion among developers and educators on how to embrace a more sustainable business model. 
We are, however, urgently looking to take that discussion a step further, by providing developers with a practical set of rules on how to create a high quality app and by raising the bar for children’s apps in general. We want to create a platform on which quality developers can meet and discuss the rules and thus help each other create beautiful, usable and honest children’s apps.

More information
The Kind Kids App Rules are initiated and written by Dutch app developer Appracadabra and signed by AppracadabraCrab Hill PressPepilloKidoodle Appsmoopf and Night & Day Studios.

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