Theater for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Be a star in your own magical play

Stage your own magical play and be the star actor! Take your pick from a cast of rag doll actors, lots of props and different sceneries. Don’t forget to put your own face on the rag dolls! Make up the story as you go, inspired by absurd things around you. Build a magical forest, with strange deer, knights in shining armor and you as Little Red Riding Hood. Or transform into a strongman at sea & watch fish jumping while splashing around with the Big Bad Wolf - the possibilities are endless!
‘Theater’ is great for kids aged two to six.
It offers countless different combinations that guarantee free play, a sparkling imagination and lots of smiles. The intuitive gameplay and many absurd twists make this abundant app easy to navigate through and challenging at the same time.
No rules, no end, no script. Just play and unleash your child’s fantasy - and your own.

‘Theater’ is created by Dutch designer and dad Xander Wiersma.
This children’s app is designed especially for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and will be available on the App Store, on June 19, 2012, for USD 3.99 / € 2,99.

Note: there will be a Lite version available, in which you can stage a play in a magical forest, starring yourself as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf - surrounded by a herd of strange deer.

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All of Appracadabra’s apps are approved Kind Kids Apps. ‘Theater’ does not contain in-app purchases, push notifications, ads, social network integration, hidden tracking software or external links.

About Appracadabra

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